Recruiting the right type of talent for your organization can be a tedious job, however, hiring the right person for the job can have an enormous impact on providing an organization with outstanding results. Any organization can hire ambitious employees who have the ability to excel in their positions, but what makes these employees stay and remain loyal to their employers? This is especially important if an organization is going through an economic hardship, such as with COVID-19. Finding ways to retain talent while conserving cash does not have to be as challenging as it sounds conceptually.

There are many reasons why A-List talent seeks employment elsewhere under normal circumstances, but these reasons are especially heightened during hardship. The key is to capitalize on best practices already put in place, like communication for example. If either you, or an employee’s direct supervisor is communicating with employees once per week, check in multiple times per week if for nothing else but to ask how they are doing, and how their family and friends are, and if there is anything you can do for them. Most employees leave companies due to lack of appreciation and communication from upper management.  To retain loyal and ambitious employees, upper management must continue to build trust, show respect and appreciation for a job well done, and communicate with employees on a regular basis so that they feel part of the team.  If employees feel they are just a “number” in the company versus a human being, they will surely leave.  Employees need to feel that they matter to their employers and that their opinion is heard.

Training is another fantastic approach to showing employees how much you value their talent, and the return on investment is immediate.  As a prime example, when an employee has been given the title of supervisor, it does not mean they are fully equipped to handle the role yet. Supervising takes a specific skill set, like knowing how to communicate properly to a diverse group, and how to inspire their team.  They also know how to show empathy and concern, while empowering their employees with tools for success.  While offering employees the opportunity for growth into supervisory positions, it is vital to the well-being and success of the organization to supply these employees with training so that they will be successful in their new roles as leaders to their team. During challenging times when workloads are slimmer, taking the time to train your team is an excellent way to ensure A-List employee retention by facilitating their professional growth. Offering employees opportunities for development and growth through job shadowing, mentoring, on-line classes, and webinars is important.

In conclusion, retaining your top talent during difficult times will require effort, but is completely possible. Ensuring effective communication, showing appreciation and respect, as well as offering training geared towards an employee’s growth does not cost companies a penny, but will go a long way with building loyal working relationships with employees.  Invest in your employees and watch your organization thrive, even during difficult times.