QA / QC Construction Services

Over 20 years of experience is incorporated into our QA/QC program to ensure the high-quality management of your project.

The Highest Quality of Quality Control

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are together a critical responsibility for project managers. That’s why our company is dedicated to ensuring the quality of your project from the inside out. Team discussions, such as defining QA/QC, lessons in project quality, and concerns about future QA/QC efforts, are encouraged. Our team leads by example and understands their actions reflect, not only our core beliefs, but your organization as well. Due to this belief, we empower our managers to take ownership of their tasks and performance in the company.

Over the last two decades, we have developed proven standard operating procedures for various tasks including documentation and field reporting, so that consistent project quality is obtained. These advanced procedures are still flexible enough to account for disparities existing between locations across the country including varying regulations, site conditions, labor issues, and weather anomalies.


Our QA/QC Construction Services


  • Budget Review
  • Maintain Project Schedule
  • Draw Reviews
  • Team Supervision
  • Project Management Reports Review
  • Mediation of Challenges
  • Design and Contractor Monitoring
  • Procurement Oversight
  • Site Observation


The BBPM team working together as one person stands up speaking

“…Thanks to their attention to detail and commitment to providing a quality product to the customer, all projects were successfully completed without issue and to the complete satisfaction of all parties involved.”

– Jim Noonan, Project Superintendent, Salisbury Moore


QA/QC is critical to your construction project’s success. We’re attentive to QA/QC construction execution by making quality an ongoing conversation throughout the course of your project. These small steps take individual QA/QC dedication and overall activity to a whole new level, increasing the odds of high-quality outcomes every step of the way.

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