Communicate with coworkers and clients and know their communication style.

It is important to get to know your coworkers and clients and how they operate. Everyone in my company is an asset that I am thankful for and can learn from. Building relationships with each person is important to communicate and work effectively.

Do you know if your coworkers and clients prefer email, Zoom, or phone communications? Communicating with coworkers and clients in a manner that is most comfortable for them helps to build rapport and enhances communication.

Be flexible.

I have coworkers and clients who are in different time zones, which has taught me to be flexible in my work day. Whether I need to be on a call at 7:30am EST or 4:00pm PST, I always try to accommodate others’ schedules. With many people working from home during COVID-19, having a flexible schedule ensures that the necessary work is complete or communicated timely.

Pick up the phone.

In my previous profession in hospitality as a general manager, I was constantly surrounded by employees and was used to handling most aspects of my job in-person. Working remotely has taught me to pick up the phone and reach out to my coworkers when I have a question.  I do my best to answer all incoming calls as I am able. If I miss a call, I try to return the call as soon as I am able or follow up with an email.

Respond in a timely manner, even if you don’t have an answer.

An update that the request is being worked on or investigated is better than no update at all. While this is something that I continuously try to improve, I think responsiveness is one of the most important aspects of any profession.

Organize and make checklists.

I have made it a habit to make daily and weekly checklists to help me prioritize work that needs to be complete. This helps me stay organized and set aside ample time to complete work that may have a higher priority or that may take more time to complete. Tasks on Outlook, Smartsheet, and Trello have helped me stay organized and get work done in a timely manner. Whatever system you find that helps you stay organized and get work done, keep doing it.