Hotel Project Management Services

We believe in the core process: managing budgets, schedules and scope. But we go a lot further. We believe success is consistency in service and our level of service to a project is complete dedication. We strive to make each project better than the next, and work tirelessly on the details and the nuances of every project we do.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is an essential part of any purchase, especially a hotel. Due Diligence on a hotel purchase is unique, as a hotel sale and purchase involves additional complexities given the intricate nature of the interrelated business and real estate components of a hotel.


Owner's Representation

Owner’s Representation plays a key coordination role to ensure that all members of the project team are working towards a common goal, whilst protecting the client’s (owner’s) interests. The Owner’s Representative should maintain an independent overview of the detailed design development process and ensure that the project does not depart from the model that has been found to be market supportable and financially viable.

Project Management

Our primary focus is to provide the most effective solution for our client’s projects, while minimizing disruption to the guest experience and hotel operations. From contract negotiating and plan review, through punch-list and completion, we cover the details so your project is on budget and on time.



When it comes to a hotel renovation, we can manage an entire project for you or even work seamlessly with your team, providing the needed resources and expertise to round out your project team.



Using our team of preferred vendors and cultivated partners, we consistently seek out the best products at the most competitive prices. Our team ensures our sources meet the highest standards of efficiency, cost control, customer service and quality. We use our management expertise and supplier contacts to create value for our clients.

New Construction

Beacon Bay works tightly with development partners, owners and franchisees, and our expertly qualified professionals will support you throughout the entire architecture and construction process.



Quality Assurance and Quality Control, or “QA/QC,” is a critical responsibility for hotel project managers. We ensure that all employees take ownership of their tasks and performance in the company and that their actions are a reflection of not only our core beliefs but also of the ownership that we are working for.

ADA & Brand Compliance

We ensure that all projects adhere to ADA regulations and that every facility is meeting the brand standard. ADA upgrading is common for hotel renovations and we regularly transform run-down properties into renovated hotels that are both ADA and brand compliant.