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Dan Norwood
Director, Project Management
Dan smiling at the camera for a headshot picture

Dan Norwood is the Senior Project Manager for Beacon Bay Project Management. His experience has enabled him to efficiently work through any project he takes on while keeping it on time and under budget.

Graduating from J Sargent Reynolds Community College in 2000 with an Associate’s Degree in Architectural/ Industrial Design, Dan has strong industry knowledge. His understanding of industrial design and codes has allowed him to effectively manage projects of every size and difficulty.

After graduating, Dan gained hands-on experience at the award-winning design firm, Thomas Hamilton & Associates, as a Project Manager for 16 years. Dan quickly moved up in the ranks as he took over management of the Select Service Design Team in 2007. In this role, his team successfully completed over 350 hotel projects in over 31 states.

Dan brought this experience and organization into his current role as Senior Project Manager at Beacon Bay. Dan’s dedication and quality of work enable him to proactively identify potential roadblocks and correct them before they become issues. The progressive experience and knowledge allow him to bring organization to the job while keeping the client’s interests at heart

Dan’s extensive experience and his budget-mindset enable him to make each project come in on- or under-budget, making him an asset to Beacon Bay and to any project.


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