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Craig Middleton
Project Executive
Craig smiling at the camera for a headshot picture

As one of Beacon Bay’s Project Executives and key Project Managers, Craig Middleton brings decades of experience managing numerous projects throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Craig graduated Colorado School of Mines in 1991, with a degree in Petroleum Engineering. Shortly after graduating, he was hired by Conoco Inc. in the gulf coast of Louisiana, where he spent 7 years with Conoco managing multi-million-dollar projects offshore. In 1997, Craig decided to change over to the entrepreneurial world when he purchased a cleaning and housekeeping service. During the 11 years Craig owned this service, he learned valuable experiences in employee management and customer service. Further, in 2006 Craig co-founded a decorative and restorative concrete construction company where he also performed the Project Management completing over 200 projects.

Leveraging his business and engineering expertise, Craig joined Beacon Bay in 2008 as a Project Manager overseeing projects in the Western United States and Canada. In these 6 years, Craig managed over 60 projects – including 6,500 guest rooms, 40 lobbies, and many public space reinventions. Craig has proven himself time and time again by going beyond hospitality project management.

Seeing the opportunity to expand and grow the business, Craig created the company’s management training manuals, developed software and technology components allowing for more effective management, and was instrumental in the expansion through the business development of the company. Craig is part of a common goal, striving to be a part of the number one hospitality project management firm in the world. Based out of Denver, CO, Craig has since been promoted to Project Executive where he oversees all aspects of Beacon Bay’s efforts in the Western U.S. managing an experienced team, capable of overseeing up to 20 projects at once.
His dedication to providing quality service to our clients makes him a strong asset to Beacon Bay.


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