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Brett Duke
Senior Vice President, Operations
Brett smiling at the camera for a headshot picture

As Vice President of Operations for Beacon Bay, Brett Duke brings a passion for managing projects from beginning to end. He is a leader of people and has the keen ability to get teams working together as one. Originally from Orlando, FL, Brett and his family are now based in Denver, CO. Brett has both an Undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida and an MBA from Rollins College. Brett’s MBA has prepared him for his role in leadership as well as with organizational skills. His extensive experience in completing time-sensitive, complex projects on budget and on schedule in a remote setting has been proven time and again.

After graduating from college, Brett spent 5 years as an IT Implantation Project Manager specializing in remote installations for Siemens and then moved to Tommy Bahamas. In 1999, Brett decided it was time to pursue his long-time dream of starting an Orlando-based swimming pool construction company, specializing in the ultra-high-end market. This company would eventually grow to over $8,000,000 in annual revenue. His experience here enabled Brett to manage a project from the perspective of an owner.

After 8 years of high-end pool construction, Brett moved to hotel project management, where he focused primarily on CFRS&T Marriott brand hotels. Brett has worked on over 100 renovation projects, starting first as a site superintendent, then working his way up to Project Manager.

Brett joined Beacon Bay Project Management and was quickly recognized for his industry knowledge. Brett was quickly promoted to Vice President of Operations, where he oversees 22 project management positions nationwide. His attention to detail, commitment to quality and his follow through are a few reasons for his success. Brett’s extensive onsite experience and intimate knowledge of hotel renovations from the guest and hotel management perspective is another unique asset he brings to Beacon Bay Project Management.



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