When seeking the perfect HR Manager for your business, who will lead and inspire your employees, it is vital to the health of your organization to hire a seasoned professional with proven communication and active listening skills, who believes in getting to know the employees one-on-one, and most of all, who is approachable.

Throughout my 15+ years of experience in the Human Resources profession, I have learned the importance of getting to know employees individually in order to develop and build a unique working relationship with them.  There is not a “one size fits all” communication model that should be utilized and I have never been able to learn about an organization’s variety of personalities through texting or via email. Face to face communication is always best, whenever possible.  Taking the time to build trust and establish rapport with each employee has taught me how best to lead and inspire them by building an employee development plan that is perfect, just for them.   Hiring an HR Manager that understands this approach will definitely prove valuable to your organization and its employees.

The most effective HR Manager will not be intimidating, but will “run a tight ship” only when and if needed, and will always keep the door open and stop what he or she is doing to accommodate the needs of the employees with a welcoming smile.  This type of HR Manager will be transparent, both with the owners of the company and its employees, building an open dialogue will be encouraged, ideas welcomed, and follow-up will always occur.   

By hiring an HR Manager with this type of approach, employees will feel inspired, motivated, and heard, which will result in higher production and lower employee turnover.  Always remember that your employees are your company’s “bread & butter” and it all starts with hiring an HR Manager who has not only the technical skills, but the people skills to build and lead a successful workforce that will give your company the results it is striving for.  Hire the right HR Manager the first time and see your employees become inspired, leading your company to the next level of success.