For those essential workers who must travel, here some tips to follow in addition to CDC guidelines:

1. Sit by the window if possible, that way you avoid people walking by you.
2. Avoid airplane bathrooms, use the airport bathroom before boarding.
3. Avoid eating and drinking on plane if possible. If you have to drink, bring your own drink and straw and sip under your mask.
4. TSA Security check in, avoid using their plastic tubs, most often they are not cleaned and carry the most germs of all areas in the airport. If you do use the tubs, wash or sanitize your hands immediately.
5. Wear N95, or KN95 mask if possible. I wear KN95 under a cloth mask. Do not touch your mask.
6. Wear a face shield or eye shield along with you mask.
7. Turn the above cabin air vent to air down in front of your face. The airplane air are filtered through HEPA filters and the airflow will deflect any stale air.
8. Carry plenty of alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer.
9. Wipe down belt buckles, trays, seat arms, window shades handles, light buttons, and air vents.

Hope you find some of these tips helps you.  If have additional tips to share, please comment.

By Ken Yoshitomi