Quality Assurance and Quality Control, or “QA/QC,” is a critical responsibility for hotel project managers. We ensure that all employees take ownership of their tasks and performance in the company, and that their actions are a reflection of not only our core beliefs but also of the ownership that we are working for.

We have developed standard operating procedures for various tasks including documentation and field reporting so consistent project quality can be obtained. The procedures are flexible enough to account for the disparities that exist between locations across the country and account for varying regulations, site conditions, labor issues and weather anomalies.

Our Hotel QA/QC Services Include:

  • Budget Review

  • Maintain Project Schedule

  • Draw Reviews

  • Team Supervision

  • Project Management Reports Review

  • Mediation of Challenges

  • Design and Contractor Monitoring

  • Procurement Oversight

  • Site Observation

QA-QC - Beacon Bay - CVGCY Suite Seating

Our operating procedures provide direction to staff and require accurate documentation of field services. Field data is assembled and checked by project engineering and management personnel prior to recommendation development. Site characterization work and design tasks are reviewed by senior management personnel for technical accuracy and conformance to client objectives. The work product is reviewed by a project manager in draft form prior to the submission of a final report to the client.