About Us

Beacon Bay Project Management is a national firm that continues to grow its talented group of expert hotel project and construction management team.  Beacon Bay prides itself on treating our clients like family and has become the leader in the hospitality project management industry.  Our team, industry knowledge, technologies, experience, dedication, and quality control have set us apart from other firms.

We invite you to experience the difference that Beacon Bay Project Management can make to your next project.


Our History

Beacon Bay has over 20 years of project and construction management experience. Our senior management team members hold professional degrees in architecture, finance, engineering and construction management. This diversity provides our clients with a broad spectrum of expertise in all forms of project management, including: entitlements, design, construction, financial assessments, and procurement.

We excel in the core processes of project management—assessing, managing, and developing budgets, schedules, and project scopes. However, we go beyond these processes. We believe that the success of your project is contingent on the level of dedicated service that we provide.

Beacon Bay’s approach begins with our managers, who are extensively trained professionals that include architects, engineers, general contractors, and construction managers. They believe that great success hinges on the design development phase of a project. Our managers support and complement our talented team of Project Managers and Project Coordinators who work on-site, hand-in-hand with the general contractors, property owners, and operators.

Our Team

We have over 25 Project Managers and Executives around the country who have completed more than 300 projects in the past 5 years alone.  Our team is ready for any project.

Industry Knowledge

Our team’s knowledge enables us to adapt to every client need. We have the knowledge to spearhead any project – from a 1-floor renovation to a 4,000-room new build. The experience our team has enables them to find problems and correct them before they become major issues or delays.


The tools we use make us more efficient, create transparent communications, and allow us to document every step of the job.  Beacon Bay will provide reports to each client from Notevault, PlanGrid, Smartsheets, and other client-specific software.


We use the DISC assessment to match our Project Mangers to the perfect job.  Teams can range from 1 to 5 Project Managers per project, based on scope and size of the project.  This enables Beacon Bay to custom-tailor each team to the project and client.

Quality Control

From start to finish, quality control makes a huge different. We provide thorough checks and punch lists to ensure quality on every project and to keep the project on the timeline.